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Looking For Your Next Speaker?

Engaging, relatable and knowledgeable are a few of the words used to describethe incredible personnel. While interacting with audience, they use real world experiences to connect and help elevate the audience to a better understanding. 

Audiovisual Conference
Executive Coaching

No true business leader ever dreamed of finishing second place. Leaders are resourceful and acknowledge that solutions are not always black and white. In fact in today’s world executive leaders have to constantly strive to stay ahead, because everything happens in an instance. As a leader it’s your responsibility to make your work environment thrive for not only your company but for yourself and your staff. 

At times solutions can become cloudy and harder to see, because we are working so hard, that we miss things. Good leaders buckle down and continue to try harder but great leaders, understand that at times they need someone with a new perspective to come in as assist. D/A Consultations supports you to be your best. 

Together you and your consultant will define what your idea of success is and help you attain it. Whether it’s to help you sharpen your leadership skills, communicate better with your staff, create meaningful changes or simply balance out your personal and professional life; D/A Consultations will be with you every step of the way, until your goal is reached. 

Maximizing Your Team's Output

Balancing Effectiveness and Efficiency in an effort to maximize your team's performance. Employers and employees have the same goal in mind - to maximize ones' own profits. For employees its earning a bigger paycheck, for employers it's the same only there are more land mines to think about.   


The most successful teams are the ones that realize everyone wants the same outcome and everyone is aware of and mindful of the land mines that exist. 

D/A. Consultations creates a program to help you achieve your end goal. We work to get everyone on the same page through group sessions, individual work ups and open dialogue. At the end of the service agreement D/A Consultations will have helped you meet your goals. 

Living Your Best Life

The trick to living your best life, is to first start by................



Surprise surprise, you thought it would be some larger than life profound new thing. Sorry to tell you its' not. The secret to living your best life is learning to love and appreciate yourself. Maya Angelou said it best" If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it, change your attitude".

At times our toughest critic is ourselves, together we begin the journey of looking inward for our peace and strength. Relearning what makes us special as an individual and building upon that. 

Living your best life is not about impressing others or living up to the standards we see posted on Instagram. It's about being in the moment, doing what lifts you to the next level. Whatever that may be, let D/A Consultations support you on your journey. 

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